Mayan World

The Maya World

The Maya World, including the amazing Riviera Maya®, is a universe of cosmogony. This sacred land that has been venerated for generations. A universe filled with knowledge and wisdom that never fails to surprise you with impressive vestiges, its reminders of how a multiplicity of gods were honored by the sacred temples built in their name, gods that still today, have not completed telling and recounting their stories. There are totems that bear inscriptions still to be deciphered and, perhaps, forever undecipherable. There are also thousands of channels in this universe, created by man to connect the communicating vessels along with observatories from which to study the rest of this vast universe.

The Maya Civilization has been a wonder for the whole world. All of its extraordinary accomplishments have been remarked upon by scholars and scientists in untold numbers; their perfect mathematical calculations and buildings, its numbers system, the way they predicted the cycles of the seasons and the proven ability of its members to navigate the seas. All true marvels, even today.

Mayan World
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